“ Leges vigilantibus, non doremientibus subveniunt “


Consilior Iuris s.r.o law firm was established in 2010 following the provision of legal services by attorney JUDr. Robert Dupkala, who is listed in the registry of attorneys in Slovak Bar Association since 1992.


Consilior Iuris s.r.o. law firm partners are attorney JUDr. Róbert Dupkala, attorney JUDr. Michal Kemka and attorney JUDr. Robert Hayden, M.B.A., and further our team consists of associates and other specialized employees.


Consilior Iuris s.r.o. law firm guarantees proficiency and reliability, considering the high level of expertise of its personnel and long standing experience in providing legal services.


Partners and employees of Consilior Iuris s.r.o. law firm have a common goal – to deliver the desired results for their clients. In order to achieve this goal they constantly strive to increase the level of their knowledge and expertise. The firm ensures versatility of its business by cooperating with experts from different fields – financial and tax advisors, auditors, attorneys, bankruptcy trustee and others depending on client´s wants and needs.